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My Biggest Surprise is that Nothing Surprises Me Any More!

This might sound like a cop out, but as a journalist, my number one job is to seek out and report the truth, and in the interest in reporting the truth, I honestly have to say that the biggest surprise of this experience is that nothing has surprised me. Perhaps it is because I am neck-deep in politics, and we have been barraged with one shocking statement after another for the past year, and after all that drama, I seriously feel like nothing that comes out of Washington, D.C. shocks me anymore. So if I have become desensitized to the craziness in the nation’s capital, perhaps I have been desensitized to being surprised by more mundane topics like things going on in my internship. So, I guess the best thing to do is to write about things that I have done during this internship and see if anything jumps out at me, or my audience, that might be a bit surprising. Early in the semester, my supervisor, Author Kay Hardy Campbell, asked me to get her book A Caravan of Brides, listed on a bunc…

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