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Daniel Barks - Reprint & Digital Production Manager for Beacon Press

Daniel Barks is the Reprint & Digital Production Manager for Beacon Press, a role he has held since April of 2016. This is not the first hat he has worn, however, at Beacon Press. In fact, it is his third job for the independent book publisher based in Boston., Mass.
His first job at Beacon was as a Sales Assistant, a position he held for a little more than two years, beginning in August of 2013. In that function, according to his public LinkedIn profile, he "Confirmed arrangements for book sales at all author appearances. Identified and reached out to special markets for front list titles. Handled all in-house orders. Processed sales and shipments through Penguin Random House and a third-party distributor" (para. 3). 
From July of 2015 until March of 2016, he changed hats to become the Production Assistant at Beacon. In that capacity, his responsibilities included, "All the production duties not otherwise handled by production coordinators: preparing transmitted manu…

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