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What a Morning!

One of the classes I am taking this semester in pursuit of my MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing degree at Bay Path University is Introduction to Publishing. One of our class assignments for this course was to interview an employee at the Beacon Press in Boston, and the person I was assigned to interview was Daniel Barks, the Reprint & Digital Production Manager. 

The morning Daniel was available for an interview happened to be the same morning that my son's school had "Bring Your Dad to School Day." The interview was scheduled for 9:30, and Isaiah and I got into his school at 8:30, had a quick "breakfast" comprised of a doughnut and juice, and then we boogied up to his classroom at the top floor of Central Ridge Elementary School in Citrus Springs, Florida, where the teacher began to lead the class in an activity for both students and dads.

The whole time I was working with Isaiah on this activity, I was watching the clock. The school was 10 minutes away fro…

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