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Immersion in Publishing Internship: A New Beginning

            At the beginning of my program here at Bay Path University, I was bound and determined to get off to a great start, and I feel that I succeeded in that regard. My first three semesters here, I was usually among the first to post in my classes, the quality of my work was good, even by my exacting standards, though there was room for improvement. Each term I earned an A in one class and an A- in the other, and each time I saw that A-, I felt motivated to try to improve it to an A the following semester, so I could reach the elusive 4.0 semester that I really wanted to achieve.             Then came the fall term of this current academic year. That term was the greatest challenge to me personally and academically, as I had major life events impact me at every turn. First, we had to evacuate from my home in Florida because I was unsure whether my home would withstand the assault of Hurricane Irma. Fortunately, we sustained minor damage, but we lost power for more than …

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